Pet Rehabilitation

A key element of pet rehabilitation is physical therapy. The same techniques that help humans recover more quickly from an injury or a surgical procedure help animals as well. Pets of all species, ages, and breeds who are experiencing chronic pain, muscle weakness, arthritis, or many other health conditions can benefit from physical therapy. Some of the benefits include pain relief, faster recovery, increased mobility, and improved quality of life.

Physical therapy is based on the principle that the body will recover faster with controlled activity than it will with complete rest. Regulated activity helps the tissues of the body, as well as the muscles and cartilage, maintain elasticity and strength. This means pets can return to normal activities sooner. Physical therapy also helps to prevent re-injury. The process of rehabilitation can be a rewarding experience for everyone involved and a great way to strengthen the human-animal bond.

Some form of rehabilitation can benefit most pets. Common indications include:
  • Orthopedic conditions such as joint surgeries, arthritis, sports injuries, fracture repairs, tendon and ligament repairs (i.e., torn cruciate ligaments), hip and elbow dysplasia
  • Neurologic conditions including post-operative spinal or disc surgeries, non-surgical intervertebral disc disease, peripheral nerve injuries
  • Degenerative Diseases
  • Chronic pain
  • Conditions associated with aging such as stiffness and arthritis
  • Strength and fitness training for working dogs and canine athletes

There are a variety of modalities that can be used in your pet's treatment plan, including manual therapy, underwater treadmill, massage, stretching, neuromuscular electrical stimulation, therapeutic laser or ultrasound, and home exercise programs. Not all therapies are suitable for every pet. Each pet requires a personalized rehabilitation plan based on its specific needs.

At Pet Medical Center, we offer a variety of onsite physical rehabilitation services through our partnership with Canine Rehabilitation of Nashville.