At Pet Medical Center in Tullahoma, we are passionate about helping you with your pets, and our passion extends to every living creature. Each year, we have many Good Samaritans in our community who call for guidance in helping potentially injured or distressed wild animals. Here are some tips to help determine what to do when you encounter a wild animal that you think is sick, injured, or orphaned.

The first step is to determine if the animal needs help. Often, people mistake a normal situation in nature to be an abandoned or injured animal. Some animals, such as deer, leave their young for several hours a day. The animal's parents may be close by and are staying out of sight to avoid attracting attention to their young. The parents may also be out gathering food for the young and will return soon. If a baby animal is found unattended, the general rule of thumb is "if you care, leave it there." Always use extreme caution when approaching wildlife. Wild animals that are scared or injured will bite, that's their only defense.

If you determine the animal requires assistance, please contact a licensed wildlife rehabilitation center. Federal regulations and Tennessee state laws prohibit individuals from keeping wild animals without a permit. It is also against the law for any unlicensed individual to care for wildlife. For the sake of the animal you found, please do not attempt to care for it or keep it as a pet. If necessary, we can offer emergency instructions until you can get the animal to a wildlife rehabilitation center.

Wildlife Rehabilitation Centers in Tennessee
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